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Fleur-de-lis Seduction Pink ~ EN-0001
Fleur-de-lis Seduction Purple ~ EN-0002
Fleur-de-lis Desire Blue ~ EN-0004

Fleur-de-lis Bliss Pink ~ EN-0006
Fleur-de-lis Delight Blue ~ EN-0007
Fleur-de-lis Delight Pink ~ EN-0008

Fleur-de-lis Silky G Blue ~ EN-0009
Fleur-de-lis Silky G Pink ~ EN-0010
True Love Amore Purple ~ EN-0011

True Love Amore Blue ~ EN-0012
True Love Honey Bunny Pink ~ EN-0013
True Love Honey Bunny Purple ~ EN-0014

True Love Sweet Cheeks Vibe Blue ~ EN-0015
True Love Sweet Cheeks Vibe Pink ~ EN-0016
True Love Passionate G Pink ~ EN-0017

True Love Passionate G Purple ~ EN-0018
True Love French Kiss Blue ~ EN-0019
True Love French Kiss Pink ~ EN-0020

True Love Romantic G Blue ~ EN-0021
True Love Romantic G Purple ~ EN-0022
Symphony Opus Purple ~ EN-0023

Symphony Opus Pink ~ EN-0024
Symphony Interlude Purple ~ EN-0025
Symphony Interlude Pink ~ EN-0026

Symphony G Harmony Purple ~ EN-0027
Symphony G Harmony Blue ~ EN-0028
Symphony Serenade Blue ~ EN-0029

Symphony Serenade Pink ~ EN-0030
Symphony Minuet Pink ~ EN-0031
Symphony Minuet Blue ~ EN-0032

Symphony Rhapsody Purple ~ EN-0033
Symphony Rhapsody Blue ~ EN-0034
Symphony Dolphin Sonata Blue ~ EN-0035

Symphony Dolphin Sonata Pink ~ EN-0036
Diamond Studded Princess Black ~ EN-0039
Diamond Lustre Black ~ EN-0040

Diamond Hope Black ~ EN-0041
Fusion Duality Purple ~ EN-0042
Fusion Gemini Blue ~ EN-0043

Fusion Unity Black ~ EN-0044
Fusion Companion Pink ~ EN-0045
Citron Florentine Pink ~ EN-0046

Citron Florentine Blue ~ EN-0047
Citron Diamante Black ~ EN-0048
Dream Maker Lunar Rabbit Pink ~ EN-0049

Dream Maker Night Cap Pink ~ EN-0050
Dream Maker Heavenly Dolphin Purple ~ EN-0051
Fleur-de-lis Lust Pink ~ EN-0052

Fleur-de-lis Lust Purple ~ EN-0053
Slenders Stunner Purple ~ EN-0054
Slenders Wonder Pink ~ EN-0055

Slenders Wonder Purple ~ EN-0056
Slenders Marvel Pink ~ EN-0057
True Love Serenity Pink ~ EN-0058

True Love Serenity Purple ~ EN-0059
Dream Maker Nocturnal Emission Purple ~ EN-0069
Slenders Stunner Blue ~ EN-0070

Fleur-de-lis Pure Pink ~ EN-0071
Fleur-de-lis Pure Purple ~ EN-0072
True Love Pristine Pink ~ EN-0073

True Love Pristine Purple ~ EN-0074
Slenders Marvel Purple ~ EN-0075
Speeding Bullets Armor Piercing Pink ~ EN-0076

Speeding Bullets Armor Piercing Purple ~ EN-0077
Speeding Bullets Armor Piercing Blue ~ EN-0078
Speeding Bullets Armor Piercing Black ~ EN-0079

Speeding Bullets Hollow Points Pink ~ EN-0080
Speeding Bullets Hollow Points Purple ~ EN-0081
Speeding Bullets Hollow Points Blue ~ EN-0082

Speeding Bullets Hollow Points Black ~ EN-0083
Finger Ring Engagement Ring Pink ~ EN-0085
Finger Ring Engagement Ring Purple ~ EN-0086

Finger Ring Promise Ring Pink ~ EN-0087
Finger Ring Promise Ring Purple ~ EN-0088
Slenders Flutter Pink ~ EN-0089

Slenders Flutter Purple ~ EN-0090
Bendable Flexems Bendable Flame Pink ~ EN-0091
Bendable Flexems Bendable Flame Purple ~ EN-0092

Bendable Flexems Touch Pink ~ EN-0093
Bendable Flexems Touch Purple ~ EN-0094
Duo Obsessions Lavish Pink ~ EN-0099

Duo Obsessions Lavish Purple ~ EN-0100
Duo Obsessions Entice Black ~ EN-0101
Duo Obsessions Entice Pink ~ EN-0102

Diamond Studded Princess Purple ~ EN-0103
Fleur-de-lis Seduction Silicone Pink ~ EN-0106
Fleur-de-lis Seduction Silicone Purple ~ EN-0107

Fleur-de-lis Bliss Silicone Pink ~ EN-0112
Fleur-de-lis Bliss Silicone Purple ~ EN-0113
Diamond Studded Princess Red ~ EN-0114

Talon Blue ~ EN-0115
Talon Black ~ EN-0116
Diamond Lustre Purple ~ EN-0117

Silicone Roulette Edition All On Red ~ EN-0128
Silicone Roulette Edition Croupier Pink ~ EN-0129
Silicone Roulette Bet On Black ~ EN-0130

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