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Buzz Buddies Pleasure Ring Pink ~ DJ7550-01
Buzz Buddies Pleasure Ring Clear ~ DJ7550-02
Buzz Buddies Double Pleasure Ring Purple ~ DJ7551-01

Buzz Buddies Double Pleasure Ring Black ~ DJ7551-02
Pirates Pleasure Ring Red ~ DP0028
Pirates Pleasure Ring Black ~ DP0030

Pirates Pleasure Ring Purple ~ DP0032
Pirates Pleasure Ring White ~ DP0034
Boss Cocks Pleasure Ring Clear ~ EN-0096

Boss Cocks Pleasure Ring Purple ~ EN-0097
Boss Cocks Pleasure Ring Red ~ EN-0098
Gossip Pleasure Ring Red ~ HTH0054

Gossip Pleasure Ring Purple ~ HTH0061
Buzzing Blossom Pleasure Ring Pink ~ HTH0078
Buzzing Bear Pleasure Ring Blue ~ HTH0085

Gossip Ring Glow N Dark ~ HTH0474
Yin Wang Combo Cock Ring ~ HTH0399
Purrfect Pet Buzzy Butterfly Stimulating Pleasure Ring Purple ~ HTP2135

Purrfect Pet Buzzy Butterfly Stimulating Pleasure Ring Magenta ~ HTP2136
Forked Tongue Pleasure Ring Magenta ~ HTP2292
Forked Tongue Pleasure Ring Purple ~ HTP2328

Pierced Tongue Pleasure Ring Magenta ~ HTP2296
Pierced Tongue Pleasure Ring Purple ~ HTP2327
Nubbie Tongue Pleasure Ring Magenta ~ HTP2294

Nubbie Tongue Pleasure Ring Purple ~ HTP2326
Humm Dinger Turbo Pleasure Ring Magenta ~ HTP2274
Humm Dinger Turbo Pleasure Ring Purple ~ HTP2275

Humm Dinger Super Quad Magenta ~ HTP2329
Humm Dinger Super Quad Purple ~ HTP2330
Bad Bones Pleasure Ring Red ~ HTP2387

Bad Bones Pleasure Ring Black ~ HTP2388
Super Stud Orgasmix Ring Magenta ~ HTP2384
Super Stud Orgasmix Ring Purple ~ HTP2385

Deep Kiss Pleasure Ring Red ~ NW2171-1
Deep Kiss Pleasure Ring Purple ~ NW2171-2
Macho Stallions Pleasure Ring ~ NW2184

Macho Stallions Vibrating Erection Keeper ~ NW2185
Macho Stallions Ultra Erection Keeper ~ NW2186
Macho Stallions Double Cock and Balls Ring ~ NW2187

Macho Stallions Pulsating Erection Keeper ~ NW2188
Macho Stallions Double Ring Clitoral Stimulator ~ NW2189
Wonderful Wonderful Wabbit Purple ~ PD2332-12

Triple Blaster Enhancing Pleasure Ring ~ SE0042-04
Hands Free Vibrating Pleasure Ring ~ SE0482-14
Elite 5x Function Couples Enhancer ~ SE0873-12

Wireless Lilac Ele ~ SE0874-14
Futurotic Diving Dolphin Pleasure Kit ~ SE0876-04
Shanes World Wireless Tiger Ring ~ SE0878-10

Lovers Arouser Dolphin ~ SE1088-10
Lovers Arouser Bunny ~ SE1088-20
Ultimate Couples Enhancer Pink ~ SE1089-14

Ultimate Couples Enhancer White ~ SE1089-22
Cock Rocker ~ SE1451-00
Double Lovers Enhancer ~ SE1452-04

Micro-Max Vibro Tongue ~ SE1454-10
Waterproof Maximus Enhancement Ring 5 ~ SE1456-10
Waterproof Maximus Enhancement Ring 10 ~ SE1456-20

Vibrating Support Plus Extended Ring Matador ~ SE1466-40
Vibrating Support Plus ~ SE1467-30
Inked Enhancer Midnight ~ SE1485-03

Inked Enhancer Crimson ~ SE1485-11
3-Way Fluttering Butterfly ~ SE1610-10
3-Way Double Dolphin ~ SE1610-20

Endless Desires Couples Enhancer ~ SE1632-00
Basic Essentials Vibrating Dual Support Enhancer ~ SE1736-00
Basic Essentials Bunny Enhancer ~ SE1738-10

Pink Heart Mini Ring ~ SE1807-04
Lovers Delight Nubby ~ SE1808-20
The Matador ~ SE1818-11

Silicone Beaded Matador Enhancer ~ SE1818-25
L`Amour Premium Silicone Dual Vibro Rings Pink ~ SE4651-04
L`Amour Premium Silicone Dual Vibro Rings Purple ~ SE4651-14

L`Amour Premium Silicone Beaded Vibro Rings Pink ~ SE4652-04
L`Amour Premium Silicone Beaded Vibro Ring Purple ~ SE4652-14
Heart On Wireless Lovemaker ~ SE7551-11

Stephanie Swifts Ram Love Ring ~ SE8530-14
Climax Clicks Lonely Hearts Cock Ring ~ TS1006567
Climax Gems Blue Mood Ring ~ TS1006586

Climax Gems Crystal Ring ~ TS1006576
Climax Gems Quartz Ring ~ TS1006136

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