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Pop Vibe Electric Magenta ~ DJ0343-01

Pop Vibe Electric Magenta ~ DJ0343-01
Pop Vibe Electric Magenta - Pop Vibes prove that good things come in small packages - 3" by .75" to be exact. Pop this bright magenta joy buzzer in any pocket, purse or pouch and you`re ready for action whenever the mood strikes. It looks just like a tube of lipstick so nobody but you will know what it`s really for. To adjust vibrations, simply twist the base and feel the sensations flutter in the tip. Waterproof, the Pop vibe mini vibrator can deliver pleasure even in the bath, pool, or hot tub! VIBRATOR SPECS:Product Type: Discreet Vibrators. Features: Multi-speed, Waterproof . Material: Plastic. Power: 1 N Battery, Included. Color: Red. Measurements: Long=3.00 inches Wide=0.75 inches. Pop Vibe Electric Magenta is manufactured by Doc Johnson DJ0343-01.
ITEM: DJ0343-01
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How To Use A Vibrator 
Using a vibrator is a great way to learn your sexual likes and dislikes.  You can set the mood with relaxing music and an erotic atmosphere. Remember to relax and breathe deeply. Concentrate on what you're feeling.  Use the vibrator in different positions and different degrees of stimulation.   Use the vibrator until just before climax, take it away, relax, and begin again.  Use the vibrator to achieve multiple orgasms and learn how to enjoy your body and your sexuality. Remember men are not the only ones that can masturbate and masturbation helps a woman maintain her sexuality when she is not in a partner relationship, assists with hormone balance and can help slow down the aging process.  If you keep your vibrator clean it is the ultimate way to practice safe sex. The ole' adage "If You Don 't Use It - You'll Lose It" does apply for women.  Make sure to visit the  section on Vibrator Care and download our FREE VIBRATOR CARE BOOKLET.
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