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Poeme Couples Love Kit ~ BI0024
Flickering Massage Oil Balsam ~ XELO1241
Flickering Massage Oil Clove ~ XELO1258

Flickering Massage Fresh Lily ~ XELO1265
Agent Secret Couples Love Kit ~ BI0025
Flickering Touch Massage Candle Vanilla ~ XELO1210

Flickering Touch Massage Candle Pear ~ XELO1227
Flickering Touch Massage Candle Pomegranate ~ XELO1234
Regard Indiscrete Couples Love Kit ~ BI0026

Stripteuse Strip Tease Kit ~ BI0028
Za Za Zu Feather Handcuffs ~ BI0030
Shhh Blindfold ~ BI0031

Pom Pom Feather Tickler ~ BI0032
BI Naughty Lolly ~ BI0033
Coffret Bling Bling Love Kit ~ BI0034

Mi Mi Silver Nipple Covers ~ BI0029
Mi Mi Black Nipple Covers ~ BI0037
Mi Mi Gold Nipple Covers ~ BI0038

Mi Mi Red Nipple Covers ~ BI0043
Mi Mi Pink Nipple Covers ~ BI0044
Mi Mi Purple Nipple Covers ~ BI0045

Burlesque Negro Pasties ~ BI0039
Burlesque White Pasties ~ BI0049
Burlesque Black Glitter and Bow Pasties ~ EN-57664

Burlesque Feather Pasties ~ EN-57665
Burlesque Sequin Pasties ~ EN-57666
Bliss Bliss Massage Gel ~ BI0040

Flamboyante Azules Blue ~ BI0041
Lessesnce De Boudoir ~ BI0042
Plaisir Nacre White ~ BI0046

Nacre Negro Black ~ BI0048
Bling Bling Body Powder ~ BI0047
Sensations Massage Candle ~ BI0051

Blind Passion Mask ~ BI0052
Pleasure Hunt Stamp ~ BI0053
Lucky Love Dice ~ BI0054

Rose Petal Explosion Lovers Kit ~ BI0055
Tickle Me Tickler ~ BI0056

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