Ultimate Personal Massager

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Ultimate Personal Massager ~ BMS3005

Ultimate Personal Massager ~ BMS3005
Ultimate Personal Massager - Ultimate Personal Massager! This is called the Ultimate Personal Massager for one reason ... POWER! This large and powerful multi-speed massager has a soft touch or a relentless, striking, pounding power massage that will leave your muscles feeling relieved and relaxed ... the result IS the ultimate body massage. Ergonomic design and contoured to fit the curves of your body make this massager perfect for exploring those erogenous zones. The Ultimate Personal Massager also offers the wonderful warming effect of infrared heat technology. Known for its penetrating warmth, the infrared heat can even be felt when held inches away from the body for a non-contact way to tend to injuries or sensitive muscles. Relieves tension and stress. Stimulates body circulation. VIBRATOR SPECS: Product Type: Wand Vibrator. Features: Mutli-Speed, Powerful. Material: Plastic. Power: Outlet Charger. Color: White. Measurements: Long=15.00 inches Wide=2.75 inches. Ultimate Personal Massager by BMS Enterprises BMS3005.
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How To Use A Vibrator 
Using a vibrator is a great way to learn your sexual likes and dislikes.  You can set the mood with relaxing music and an erotic atmosphere. Remember to relax and breathe deeply. Concentrate on what you're feeling.  Use the vibrator in different positions and different degrees of stimulation.   Use the vibrator until just before climax, take it away, relax, and begin again.  Use the vibrator to achieve multiple orgasms and learn how to enjoy your body and your sexuality. Remember men are not the only ones that can masturbate and masturbation helps a woman maintain her sexuality when she is not in a partner relationship, assists with hormone balance and can help slow down the aging process.  If you keep your vibrator clean it is the ultimate way to practice safe sex. The ole' adage "If You Don 't Use It - You'll Lose It" does apply for women.  Make sure to visit the  section on Vibrator Care and download our FREE VIBRATOR CARE BOOKLET.
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