Vida Urja Remote
Control Vibrating Egg  

The Vibrator Egg is
oblong, spherical shaped and
designed to provide powerful
clitoral stimulation.  

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Vida Urja Remote Control Vibrating Egg ~ VTS2100021

Vida Urja Remote Control Vibrating Egg ~ VTS2100021
Vida Urja Remote Control Vibrating Egg - Many kinds of caresses feel pleasurable. But it takes a very special touch to please you from the inside. We have put a name to your secret, hidden desire: Urja...Taking the art of the insertable orb to new heights, Urja rests quietly inside you; your own sensual secret. That is, until you or your lover touches the controller. The gentle pink glow reveals the vibrating secret that emanates quietly from within you. Urja´s sleek, hour glass design fits perfectly, as if it were made only for you. Retrieve waterproof Urja with a flexible but secure hygienic silicone cord. Exquisitely crafted from anodized gun metal aluminum and midnight obsidian silicone, rechargeable Urja delivers passion from deep within. Experience waves of pleasure as the battery driven controller delivers five speeds of vibration to the orb resting gently inside you. Completely silent and deliciously powerful, Urja unlocks orgasmic secrets from the very depth of your being. VIBRATOR SPECS: Product Type: Egg Vibrator. Features: Powerful. Material: Plastic. Power: 3.6V battery, not included. Color: Pink. Measurements: Long=3.00 inches Wide=1.50 inches. Vida Urja Remote Control Vibrating Egg by Vida Vibrators VTS2100021.
ITEM: VTS2100021
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How To Use A Vibrator 
Using a vibrator is a great way to learn your sexual likes and dislikes.  You can set the mood with relaxing music and an erotic atmosphere. Remember to relax and breathe deeply. Concentrate on what you're feeling.  Use the vibrator in different positions and different degrees of stimulation.   Use the vibrator until just before climax, take it away, relax, and begin again.  Use the vibrator to achieve multiple orgasms and learn how to enjoy your body and your sexuality. Remember men are not the only ones that can masturbate and masturbation helps a woman maintain her sexuality when she is not in a partner relationship, assists with hormone balance and can help slow down the aging process.  If you keep your vibrator clean it is the ultimate way to practice safe sex. The ole' adage "If You Don 't Use It - You'll Lose It" does apply for women.  Make sure to visit the  section on Vibrator Care and download our FREE VIBRATOR CARE BOOKLET.
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